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State/Province: Nebraska
Zip/Postal Code: 35038
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From Form: Contact Us
Message: Hi I am the legal representative of https://hempbombsplus.com. I have tried to contact you via your official company email, but have not had a reply thus far. I am contacting you because it has come to our attention that you are misusing our trademark on your website (shedsforsalewaldo.com) for commercial benefit. I request that you immediately remove all our images, name and any content that belongs to us from shedsforsalewaldo.com. Failure to comply with this request within 7 days will result in us bringing a legal matter against your company for damages. Please could you advise us of your registered company address to which we should serve our claim form. I look forward to your response and timely compliance. Yours faithfully Bridgett Fairfield